Seth Ellison

Royal Blue Gallery's Winter Exhibition

Check out the “Winter Group Exhibition” from the Royal Blue Gallery from Jan. 29 to Feb. 19. This virtual group art show has participants from all over the world, consisting of painting, photography, and digital art.

Devastation Baby Magazine, Issue #1

The online magazine Devastation Baby just released its first issue and I was lucky enough to be included! Think of them like an angry response sent into the void in reply to a political fundraising email.

Mulberry Literary, Issue #5

Mulberry Literary is an online literary and art magazine dedicated to showcasing boundless creative work in its every form. Click to check out my online feature, as well as other great artists and writers.

Art Seen: The Curator’s Salon Magazine, Issue #6

Art Seen is a contemporary art magazine that shows some of best emerging artists working today, and amazingly they gave me a feature! If you would like to order a hard copy, please click the link above.

Let’s Stab Caesar! Magazine, Issue #3

Let’s Stab Caesar! is an anti-elitist magazine publishing art with fangs, and my painting “Transplant” only added to the carnage. Click on the link above to order a copy!

Supersonic Art, Online Feature

Supersonic Art is an art blog created to focusing entirely on international art and artists, and has become a definitive voice in the New Contemporary movement. Click on the link above to see the post featuring my work!

Modern Renaissance, Issue #17

Modern Renaissance is a top arts magazine covering the latest topics and trends in the global art, performance, and writing fields. I am featured among a slew of amazing artists and writers! Click on the link above to read a digital copy or order a hard copy.

Chesapeake Arts Center: In the Studio with Seth Ellison

“The color; the depth; the symbolism; the enormity. Your breath may skip as you enter the gallery at first glimpse of Seth Ellison’s work.” Read my interview with the Hal Gomer gallery.

The Purposeful Mayonnaise, Volume #2/Issue #3

TPM aims to provide artists and writers with a home for their work, a space to connect, and opportunities to increase their visibility. A couple of my paintings were included under the “Desire” theme. Click on the link above for a hard copy.

Artsin Square, Issue #3

Artsin Square is an independent artist-run and ad-free international print and online platform dedicated to showing emerging artists and mid-career creatives. They were kind enough to give me a feature, along with so many other talented artists. If you want a hard copy, click on the link above.

Luphyr Magazine, Issue #3

Luphyr’s Issue 03: Disturbance is officially out! This issue features remarkable artistic pieces from all around the world, including some of my own. May you enjoy this issue in its entirety and be disturbed in more ways than one!

Third Iris, Issue #4

Third Iris is a cool zine that features a variety of writers and artists, including some of my own work in this issue. If you are interested in buying a hard copy, please click the link above.

The Huts Magazine, Issue #4

The Huts is a great resource to find amazing contemporary artist and read interesting articles. I was featured, along with several of my pieces in the “Artists Unveiled” section. Please click on the link above to purchase a hard copy.

Artistonish Magazine, Issue #21

My painting “The Gatherer” was featured, along with other talented artists. Read the free digital version or order a hard copy by clicking on the link above.